• moon whale tail linocut block print artistic process

    Moon Whale Inspiration

  • kelp seaweed art

    Kelp Twirl

    A botanical print: designed, carved and printed at the beach.

  • up close humpback whale portrait linocut

    Up Close

    18"x12" limited edition humpback whale portrait linocut print

  • botanical beach seaweed fabric design


    Seaweed artistic inspiration and exploration

  • diy paper bell tutorial

    Paper bell tutorial

    Learn how to make this simple decoration

"These are stunning pieces of creative genius! My west coast childhood seems to know them as truth. The print work has such contrasts of
 shade in ocean colour. Super fun!" —praise for Aldea's nature-inspired art: block prints and paintings from Vancouver Island.


The artist and the art

meet the artist aldea wood

About Aldea

I love to create: paintings, pottery, fabric designs, accessories, linocut prints—the list goes on. While completing my graphic design diploma I spent my summers working as a resort photographer for a remote fishing lodge in Haida Gwaii. It was there that I saw a humpback whale for the first time. It was a life-changing moment and whales have become a great source of creative inspiration in my work. Click here to read more about my creative inspiration.

Linocut block printing

One of my favourite mediums is linocut block printing. Linocut is a printmaking technique, similar to woodcut. A design is cut into a piece of linoleum with sharp knives and chisels. Ink is rolled over the linoleum surface and then press onto paper. Printing can be done by hand or with a press. I do my printing by hand making each print unique. Click here to read more about the linocut technique.